Jul 28, 2014
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LearningRx Warren Celebrates Older Americans Month with Free Brain Training Demonstration for Adults

LearningRx Warren Celebrates Older Americans Month with Free Brain Training Demonstration for Adults

Research Supports Benefits of Brain Training For Healthy Aging;

As Few As 12 Hours of Brain Training Alters the Brain & Yields Benefits a Full Decade Later


Warren, New Jersey — In honor of Older Americans Month, celebrated nationwide in May, local brain training center LearningRx Warren is encouraging seniors to make time to do something positive and healthy for themselves. Many people spend their entire adult lives ensuring that their families or loved ones are happy and well cared for, but neglect their own needs along the way.  The brain experts at LearningRx urge adults of all ages to stop waiting!  There is no better time than the present to make a positive change, especially when it comes to your brain.  


LearningRx Warren is offering a limited number of free brain training demonstrations for adults who are serious about making a positive change in their lives, starting with better attention, memory and other brain skills. Marcia Douglas, Owner and Executive Director of the Warren Brain Training Center, is a frequent lecturer on the brain and the importance of strong cognitive skills to success in school, business, sports, and life.  According to Douglas, “No matter the venue or the composition of the audience, the overwhelming response I get from adults who attend my presentations is a resounding recognition that they too would benefit from brain training. And they’re right – anyone can!”  Douglas went on to explain, “It used to be that adults worried about the time or commitment required to improve their mental health. I am thrilled to announce that LearningRx recently launched a Brain Booster Program for adults (18 or older) seeking better mental fitness. With this new program, adults can schedule sessions with a personal brain trainer, much like they can a physical fitness workout.”


LearningRx isn’t the only one heralding the benefits of brain training for adults. The scientific evidence in support of brain training and its many benefits continues to grow each day. And the benefits aren’t only for adults with daily mental fitness workouts.  A study published earlier this year in the Journal of America Geriatrics Society, found that adults who received as few as 10 sessions of mental training show improvements in reasoning and speed of processing skills 10 years later. This is great news! According to Michael Marsiske, associate professor of clinical and health psychology at the University of Florida, “Our prior research suggested that the benefits of the training could last up to five years, or even seven years, but no one had ever reported 10-year maintenance in mental training in older adults.” It’s like going to the gym for between five and ten weeks, never going again, and still seeing positive effects a decade later. Participants who received cognitive training also reported significantly less difficulty with daily living tasks, such as housework, medication management and shopping.


In another recent study funded by the National Institute of Health, Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman and her team of researchers at the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas at Dallas found physiological evidence that strategy-based cognitive training had the potential to reverse age-related decline in the brains of seniors. Using functional MRIs and brain scans, the researchers discovered that a mere 12 hours of directed brain training could alter brain functioning. The most significant results were increases in global and regional blood flow, increased white matter integrity (this is the wiring between brain cells in which information travels), and greater synchrony in important brain networks.


The practical implications of the NIH sponsored research are compelling. According to Dr. Chapman, “The brain and cognitive gains may help achieve a 'younger working' brain with all the benefits of rich experience, knowledge-base and wisdom as manifested in an older brain." 

Chapman also suggested that the findings are important for younger adults and encourages adoption of healthy brain habits in early adulthood to stave off cognitive decline. 


According to Douglas, “The explosion of research in support of brain training is exciting and encouraging, but not surprising. It simply confirms what I have been privileged to witness in my own family and in the lives of the many families we have served. Brain training changes lives.”


Douglas encourages adults of any age to give the new LearningRx Brain Booster Program a try. With flexible scheduling and no long term commitments, there’s nothing to lose, except maybe your sluggish brain!



About LearningRx

LearningRx  brain training uses intensive one-on-one programs to help people of all ages strengthen cognitive skills like memory, attention, processing speed and auditory processing. With more than 80 centers across the country, LearningRx brain training can help everyone – from 4 to 104 – increase the speed, power or function of their brains.

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