23 Aug 2014
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Post Your Meetings, Special Events in the Patch Calendar

Put your 2014 events directly into the Patch calendar.

Post Your Meetings, Special Events in the Patch Calendar
Posting on the Patch calendar is free and easy! When signed into Patch, just look for the Event tab at the top of the homepage and start filling out the fields. 

Your submission will be automatically added to our online calendar, accessible to anyone who rolls over the tab. Daily and upcoming events will appear in the daily newsletter. And editors regularly sift through the calendar to highlight upcoming events so you may get even more publicity. 

Here are some tips for posting to the Patch calendar. 

1. Use photos and logos! They go a long way to make your listing stand out. 

2. Post your event on the calendar of surrounding Patches when it makes sense. The event does not necessarily have to be in the Patch town, but it should be relevant. And sorry, you can't post "recurring" events at this time. You'll have to post it for each occasion. 

3. Be brief! Patch calendar listings are for quick bites of information. Feel free to link to sites for more information or consider posting it in the blog section. 

4. Remind everyone of your event on the day it happens by posting a reminder in on the front-page Announcement Board. Just look for the green POST button in the center column. Give it a great attention-grabbing headline and link to the calendar listing in the body. 

If you need help, reach out to Community Editor Amy Byrnes at Amy.Byrnes@Patch.com. 

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