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Potential Signs of Heroin Addiction | Is Drug Treatment Needed?

My name is Peter D. I am sitting next to a man by the name of Daniel S. and we are both from Middletown and Atlantic Highlands New Jersey. We are both recovering Alcoholics and Addicts who at one point experienced a lot of these symptoms. We go back and visit quite a bit and see stuff that we never had to experience growing up as teenagers in the Monmouth county area. We have seen a lot of things in the area and all over New Jersey, but nothing like we see now when we visit. Our personal goal is to help everyone who wants it in our area and get them out of the area of the original problem so they can experience a new way of life and become productive members of society as we aspire to be every day. If you call 1-800-341-2871 we can guide you on ways to help yourself or your loved one. We post on behalf of a treatment center although our motive is to find treatment anywhere you require. We are not receiving a pay for helping you or your loved one treatment. We do this to make up for our past and this is our amends. The stories we could tell you could be syndicated, but we choose to explain how we live today and what we did to make life livable. Heroin is a dangerous drug right along with painkillers, which were the cause of our downfall. However, for five years I have not had to live that life anymore and what was once a miserable excuse for a human being blossomed into a full time college student at FAU and a productive member of society as a whole ~ Peter. Danny has 3 years away from the life style and drugs. Danny currently works as a full time blogger and writer contributing content to make people understand that this disease is cunning, baffling, and powerful. This can be beat, but you have to be willing!

You may have had experience with sending your child going to treatment centers and drug rehabs before with no avail and that goes back to the # 1 contributor to drug addiction and it is not the “Gate Way” drug Marijuana; It’s People, places, and things. We both have experience a “spiritual experience” in working a program of action. If you can’t understand a “Spiritual Experience” so we will call it a Psychic Change and define it as changing the perspective of who we are and started acting accordingly. In my mind and I am sure I can speak for my friend; we were not worth living a life of freedom away from drug addiction. We had a million forms of fear and couldn’t conceive of the idea of living life without drugs or alcohol. It was when we were put far away from the people, places, and things we used with or at. We came to an area of Florida where there are hundreds of thousands of recovering people that we could network with and use for support. We worked hard to become individuals with a different perspective of who we are. A lot of families don’t have the money for treatment or feel that if they send their son or daughter away for treatment they may not actually recovery from their hopeless state of mind and body. We can refer you to 10 – 15 years of rock bottom experience from our addiction and living in New Jersey. We prefer to remain anonymous, but if you are from our area it isn’t hard to put 2 and 2 together. There is hope and it is all around us, but sometimes we neglect to see it. We wish you well either way or hope you find the help for your loved one that they deserve.

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If Danny or Peter are not available on the phone please leave a message and we will call you back personally and it will be confidential.

Peter and Danny are the owners of  www.treatmentdirectories.com and  www.rehabdirectories.com

Signs of Heroin Addiction

  1. Pinned eyes and a sleepy demeanor or “nodding out”
  2. Constant rubbing of the nose and scratching of the skin.
  3. Lack of hygiene, not brushing teeth and not showering. Tooth Decay.
  4. Loss of Appetite and Loss of Sleep.
  5. Track Marks contusions of the skin where veins are located.
  6. Abscesses gaping holes in on your skin.
  7. Slurred Speech or incoherent speech.
  8. Stealing is a universal drug abuse indicator.
  9. Missing prescription bottles.
  10. Muscle deterioration.
  11. Rapid Loss of weight
  12. vomiting
  13. reduced anxiety
  14. fatigue
  15. heaviness in the limbs
  16. itching

Users may feel the following symptoms of heroin withdrawal hours or days after their last use:

  1. agitation
  2. anxiety
  3. muscle aches and pain
  4. bone pain
  5. tearing of the eyes
  6. insomnia
  7. runny nose
  8. sweating
  9. yawning
  10. abdominal cramps
  11. diarrhea
  12. dilated pupils
  13. goose bumps
  14. chills
  15. nausea
  16. vomiting

The above are signs of Drug Abuse or Drug Addiction and can be considered similar to what you may go through if addicted to pain killer narcotics as well. If you’re loved one has more than 3 of these symptoms, they may have a problem and may need help. Please contact us for a free confidential consultation at 1 800 341 2871 and we will guide you on yours or your loved ones path to seeking recovery from Opiate Addiction. This disease maybe cunning baffling and powerful can be stopped if the willingness and family support is there.

Don’t Give Up Hope

If you or a loved one is suffering from an active addiction, Please don’t give up hope.We are here to helpCall us NOW for FREE professional advice



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