15 Sep 2014
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Where the Sidewalks Aren't Shoveled

After my letter to the citizens of Westfield on Westfield Patch's Facebook page and website I decided maybe if I documented some of the things I have seen and experienced then maybe those who do not have to walk anywhere in this town could begin to understand the concerns I was trying to share. It was never about pedestrian vs. drivers as many people responded, but unsafe conditions for pedestrians and drivers caused by business and residents who refused to shovel snow and ice. Winter is far from over and as we are here of another snowstorm this week (and even another next week) I wonder what new hazards will present itself because snow isn't cleared from sidewalks because the streets aren't the only things that need to be cleared.

Photos 1& 2 the park area on Central Avenue between Westfield Fruit Market and Krauser's. City owned and not city shoveled or salted.

Photos 3-7 the old Kroll building location on the corner of Central and Myrtle. Hasn't been shoveled once this entire winter. Pedestrians have to walk in the bike lane on Central Ave, a county road.

Photos 8-9 the liquor store at Central and Grove. The snow hasn't been cleared to the crosswalk nor the crosswalk button, so not only can't people push the button to follow the rules of road and stay safe but they have to walk out into the street to even reach the crosswalk.

Photos 10-12 the empty gas station lot on Central and grove. While they shoveled parts of their sidewalk they too do nothing about the crosswalk which is why the girl is standing high on top of the snow to push the button and to cross the street. The distance between the top of the mound and street about 2 feet.

Photo 13 and 14 the Girl Scout building on Boynton and Grove. If the over abundance of cars/SUVs lining the roadway wasn't enough of a hazard for cars to see around when pulling onto or crossing Grove. This lovely 4 foot mound of snow on the corner sure is the icing on the accident waiting to happen.

Other not shoveled or badly shoveled hazardous locations that I have come across, but weren't able to take photos of: Grove once you cross Central past the former gas station & the first house; Grove, after the house on the corner of Carleton up to Boulevard; the park area at Cacciola and South; the sidewalk and crosswalk at the Shop Rite Liquors shopping plaza; the abandoned business at South and Central. There are probably more unsafe businesses and residences that haven't shoveled or put salt down, so I challenge people to put them on blast to make Westfield safer.

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