Jul 28, 2014
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A Food Drive With a Creative Twist

CANstruction returns to the Livingston Mall.


Residents may have noticed an odd sight when they visited the Livingston Mall this weekend.  There are five sculptures located at various points on the upper level.  The catch is that the sculptures are made entirely of cans of food.

The New Jersey division of the American Institute of Architects partnered with Goya to present the 14th annual CANstruction event at the Livingston Mall on Sept. 20.  This year's competition featured five teams and the theme was "Back to School."

The teams collected food through their own food drives and sponsors, according to Christy DiBartolo, director of this year's competition.  Then the teams had to design their own structures based upon the cans they had accumulated.

"Some of the teams are really creative in their method," said DiBartolo.  " Some of their designs and structures are very advanced."

According to DiBartolo, this year's competition brought in 26,000 cans.  The food will be donated to the Community Food Bank in Hillside, NJ.

The teams were awarded on Friday night:

Best Use of Labels
Team:  NK Architects
Structure:  Schoolhouse Rocks!  Just a Bill... to Fight Hunger

Best Meal
Team:  Gensler Morristown
Structure:  Outside the Box (which was the lunch box)

Structural Integrity
Team:  Solutions Architecture
Structure:  School the Mind - Feed the Body  (which was the schoolhouse)

People's Choice
Team:  Solutions Architecture
Structure:  School the Mind - Feed the Body

Honorable Mention
Team:  Milrose Consultants
Structure:  Food for Thought (which was the bookworm)

Juror's Choice/Best in Show
Team:  USA Architects, Planners & Interior Designers
Structure:  Feed your MIND  (which was the giant apple)

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