Jul 28, 2014
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Comments Made by Officers About Lecky Are 'Devastating,' Friend Says

Raymar Lecky's friends speak out against two West Orange officers while mother demands they be fired.

Comments Made by Officers About Lecky Are 'Devastating,' Friend Says


About a dozen of Raymar Lecky's friends and family attended Tuesday evening's Township Council meeting in reaction to the West Orange cops who allegedly made light of Lecky's killing on Facebook.

West Orange police officers, Sgt. William Mango and Officer Karen Roach, allegedly commented that Lecky was a gang member and a drug dealer, which violated the township's social media policy.

Two of Lecky's friends spoke out against the two cops involved while Lecky's mother, Jean Lecky, demanded the firing of the officers at the meeting.

“These two officers are still [on duty] with this [unfortunate] mentality,” said Arron Tucker, a friend of the Lecky’s. “I lived in Newark… and it’s no joke what’s going on there. I’ve been a bystander to [more than one violent incident]. For two public officials to make such [indefensible comments] is devastating. It’s scary that this [officer] is walking around with a gun on his waist.” 

“I'm shocked and most of the public is shocked,” he added. “These two guys represent the West Orange police department. You don’t encourage kids to kill each other.” 

Another friend, Mekonnen Rutty, said, “No matter what kind of person you are, you should have respect for the dead… We should remember every one as a human being.”

The council echoed the feelings of those who spoke on the incident.

“It’s unfortunate that with social media individuals with very disturbing feelings are allowed to express [those feelings],” said Cirilo. “It’s a dangerous outlet… a lot of people’s lives are affected. I am confident that our internal affairs system will deal with whoever was responsible.” 

“I read that story in the Star Ledger with a great deal of alarm,” Councilman Joe Krakoviak said. “For everyone here who is concerned about that incident, you are very well deserving of that concern. But I do have to say that, as painful as it is, [we really need to let the process] take its time. I can’t speak for my colleagues, but we are very focused on seeing this through and making sure that justice is done.”

Raymar Lecky was shot and killed on New Year’s Eve following an argument over a woman with his friend Dwayne Edwards, 21, in Newark.

Jean Lecky told the council, "If you still have these officers on duty [after them behaving this way] it says a lot about you. If you allow them to continue to accept money from taxpayers, like myself, it says even more about you.” 

Lecky did have a criminal past, according to his record, but investigators have linked neither gangs nor drugs to his killing.

Edwards, who lives in East Orange, has been charged with Lecky’s murder and is awaiting trial.

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