Jul 28, 2014

DPW: Storm Debris Clean Up Nearing Completion

Branch, limb pick up is three-quarters done

DPW: Storm Debris Clean Up Nearing Completion DPW: Storm Debris Clean Up Nearing Completion

Nearly a month after the , .

Leonard Lepore, municipal engineer for the township and director of public works, said the clean up work was three-quarters complete.

"Most of the storm clean up will be cleaned up by this weekend," he told Patch.

He said the township is using some contracted equipment and contracted operators to aid in the debris pick up. The township has also hired help for tree work, Lepore said. He estimated the cost of all contracted work to be $150,000.

Public works crews and contractors will work some days this week and on the weekend. But, starting next week, public works employees will return to regularly scheduled hours.

"They've been working overtime, hours at the end of the day; they have been working weekends," said Lepore.

He said it was still being decided whether the crews would work weekends next week.

"In between all this, we still need to do leaf collection. Once next week starts crews will be performing leaf collection," said Lepore. He said crews would focus on collecting smaller piles of debris and returning to areas to clean "more thoroughly of leaves."

He did not have an estimated as to how many trees were damaged from the storm. He said crews were also working to take care of low hanging limbs. "It's a slow task and it's monumental damage."

Though the bulk of the clean up may be done, Lepore said there are longer term problems to consider. "As we move forward, we are assessing damage in trees — trees that are structurally damaged and unbalanced. While things may wind down in month of December as to what's on the ground, there's still a lot in the air."

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