Jul 30, 2014

Good Samaritan Returns Essex County Woman's Priceless Ring

West Orange resident lost the 19-year-old ring while at a Devils game at the Prudential Center.

Good Samaritan Returns Essex County Woman's Priceless Ring

A West Orange woman who lost her diamond engagement ring at a Devils game in Newark received the gift of a lifetime when one thoughtful Freehold man found it and did the unlikely.

He returned it.

Debra—her last name isn’t given in the story—doesn’t remember the exact moment that the 19-year-old ring slipped off her finger on Feb. 27, but it likely occurred when she removed a glove at a Prudential Center security checkpoint, according to a story on nj.com.

Debra was drying her hands later that evening when she discovered that her precious jewelry was missing

She was “distraught,” Debra told a reporter.

Enter Kevin Keane.

Keane was waiting with friends in the lobby of the Prudential Center watching some kids rough housing when a diamond ring skated across the floor and came to rest by his feet. 

The 49-year-old Freehold man picked it up and looked for the person to whom it belonged, but didn’t spot anyone. He stuffed it into his pocket and continued on with his night, according to the story.

The next day Keane went to a local jeweler to determine if the ring was the valueless costume jewelry as he suspected. 

The jeweler told Keane that the ring was, in fact, “the real deal.”

Keane says he didn’t even ask how much the ring was worth since selling it never crossed his mind, according to the report. He connected with the Devils organization who put him on the phone with Debra, who had filled out a lost and found form.

When Keane returned the ring to Debra last weekend, the good Samaritan refused the cash reward she had hoped to give him.

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