Jul 26, 2014
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Llewellyn Park Man Handcuffed, Robbed at Gunpoint

Burglar allegedly snuck up on a 61-year-old West Orange resident as he parked his car in garage.

Llewellyn Park Man Handcuffed, Robbed at Gunpoint

West Orange police are searching for a man who attempted to rob a 61-year-old Llewellyn Park homeowner with a semi-automatic handgun, officials said. 

According to the police reports, the homeowner parked his car in his garage around 9:30 p.m. on Feb. 20 before getting out of the car and heading into his house. As he walked to his door, the burglar appeared with the gun.

The burglar then threatened the resident by pointing his gun at the homeowner’s head, police said. The homeowner was then handcuffed and forced to lie on the garage floor. The house key was then removed from the resident’s key ring.

When the homeowner told the burglar there was an alarm in the house, the man fled through an upstairs window, police said.

According to the report, the resident was able to break out of the handcuffs and call 9-1-1 from his cell phone. Police responded with a K-9 unit and tracked the burglar through the backyard, but the dog lost the scent. 

The burglar is described as Hispanic, approximately 5-foot-10-inches tall and of average build. He was wearing a black ski mask, black sweatshirt and pants.

According to the report, the only items stolen were keys to the resident's house and car.

An investigation is continuing.

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