Jul 30, 2014

Police: Crime Down 5 Percent — Armed Robberies Double Since 2012

West Orange police release crime statistics for first three quarters of 2013.

Police: Crime Down 5 Percent — Armed Robberies Double Since 2012
So far this year, West Orange Police have seen a 5 percent dip in overall crime in comparison with last year. However, robberies are up 65 percent with 26 robberies with a weapon reported — 14 more than 2012 at this time.  

According to reports from the West Orange police department, between Jan. 1 and Aug. 31, 2013 crime dropped to 641 incidents compared to the same months in 2012 when 673 incidents were recorded. 

Despite the drop, the concern of the township and residents has been the increase in robberies at gunpoint with 23 total this year and 3 additional robberies with other deadly weapons. 

Twelve robberies at gunpoint were reported in the same time frame in 2012 and no additional robberies with a deadly weapon. There was only one more strong-arm robbery reported this year over last year. 

Four less burglaries were reported so far this year, a drop of 3.6 percent. Burglaries with forced entry did drop about 30 percent however, which attributes the close number to burglaries to unlocked homes or failed attempts. 

Car theft is down 16.7 percent from last year. 

Additionally, one rape was reported this year — there were none reported in 2012. 

West Orange crime showed a 7.5 in the first quarter of 2013. 

According to reports obtained by West Orange Patch, during the last 10 years crime is down about 50 percent throughout town overall.

Full stats attached as PDF above. 

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