Jul 28, 2014
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Top West Orange Stories in July

Get a rundown of the most popular stories of the month.

Top West Orange Stories in July


July was a busy month in West Orange.

In case you missed them, here are the top stories that residents were looking at last month. 

Although school was out, the West Orange School district drew the most attention last month as the Board of Education unanimously voted to place Superintendent Anthony Cavanna on paid administrative leave on July 18. 

Soon after Superintendent Anthony Cavanna was placed on paid administrative leave, the West Orange Patch found that he had sough a position in his home town of Greenburgh, N.Y., earlier in the year. 

Superintendent Anthony Cavanna had announced on July 2 that he would appoint Hayden Moore as the new principal of the West Orange High School to replace Arthur Alloggiamento, who retired this year.

Cavanna was expected to recommend Moore at the Board of Education meeting on July 23. However, Cavanna was suspended on July 18. The Board of Education ended up appointing him anyway at that July 23 meeting. 

Coming in next was the armed robbery of a gas station attendant on July 11 at the Exxon Gas station, 972 Pleasant Valley Way.

The state comptroller's office released a report in late July citing more than 200 independent contractors who may be improperly participating in the state's pension and benefits system since 2008. The West Orange Board of Education was cited that report. 

The Department of Education released it's "2012 Taxpayer's Guide to Education Spending" near the end of July. Residents can now clearly see where their tax dollars have been spent in the West Orange School District.

Soon after the armed robbery at the Exxon gas station on Pleasant Valley Way, a 57-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint on Harrison Avenue on July 22. 

A fire caused significant damage to a home on Lincoln Avenue before fire crews were able to extinguish the flames on July 5. 

West Orange officials welcomed the newest business to the town on July 10: the Valley Diner, 567 Valley Road. 

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