Jul 28, 2014

Malware Will Shut Down 66K Computers on Monday

Here's a quick check to make sure your computer isn't one of them.

Malware Will Shut Down 66K Computers on Monday

The FBI is warning Americans that they're turning off the safe DNS servers on Monday they set up to  help people infected with a malware virus.

Shutting down the safe servers  ends Operation Ghost Click, the project the FBI set up in November 2011 to find the hackers who were sending the infected programs to unsuspecting computer users.

The malware redirected infected computers to websites of the hacker's choosing. 

When the FBI shuts down the safe servers on July 9, as many as 66,000 users whose computers still have the virus won't be able to get online.

The virus has to be removed, experts say. To find out if your computer is infected with the DNS redirector,  go to dws.org, and  go directly to this website. You'll get an immediate answer if your company has a clean bill of health.

Dws.org also gives instructions on  how to remove the malware if your computer is infected.


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