Jul 28, 2014

POLL: Complain Without Getting Sued?

The owner of puppy that died of parvovirus is being hauled into court by the pet store owner she's complaining about. Should that be OK?

POLL: Complain Without Getting Sued?

Doreen Longo, the owner of a German Shepherd puppy that died less than two weeks after she bought it, has been vehement about accusing the pet store owner of selling sick animals. Rocco Garruto, the owner of the Avenel store, Fancy Pups, pleaded guilty in court in February to two counts of fraud in other pet purchase cases.

Now he's trying to get a restraining order against Longo to get her to shut up because her complaints have killed his puppy business, he said.

Do you think a customer has the right to complain on the Internet about a business she finds unsatisfactory? Is enough enough? Or is it not enough if the customer is trying to warn other shoppers about a bad experience?

Take the poll and post your thoughts!

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