Jul 28, 2014

Truck Flip in Route 1 Accident Snarls Rush Hour Traffic

An accident between a car and truck in Avenel yesterday afternoon made rush hour murder on commuters.

A late afternoon collision in front of the cracked up two vehicles, overturned one of them, and caused huge traffic delays just in time for rush hour traffic.

The crash happened approximately 3:45 pm on Wednesday, September 12, and caused a traffic back up on Route 1 North that one observer said went "all the way to the Driscoll Bridge."

A pickup truck flipped over in the collision, and the hood of a grey car was crumpled up like a used tissue.

The driver of the truck apparently crawled out of the vehicle and is seen picking up his belongings after a wrecker uprighted the overturned truck.

All the airbags deployed in the car.

Firemen said that there were no serious injuries in the crash. A passerby in the southbound lane said he was there right after the accident happened, and he, along with other observers, had called 911, but "the response was slow."

"I left the scene after it happened, and there were still no first aid vehicles there."

Neither nor the returned calls for details on the crash.

This story will be updated as soon as new information is obtained.

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