22 Aug 2014
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Wyckoff Announces Two More Revaluation Information Sessions

All homes in the township will be inspected this year for a mandated tax revaluation.

After a township-run revaluation information session earlier this month attracted 48 residents, Wyckoff announced it will be hosting two more information sessions in coming months. 

The township tax assessor announced public information sessions on the county-mandated town-wide revaluation will happen on Saturday, March 1 at 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday, April 2 at 7:30 p.m., both in the Shotmeyer Room of the Wyckoff Library.

In announcing the additional info session, Assessor Pamela Steele, who conducted the first session with Neil Rubenstein, owner of the company performing the reval, Realty Appraisal Company, said the first event was successful.

The announcement also outlined key points for residents that were covered in the first information session:

  • The Bergen County Board of Taxation has ordered (mandated) the Township of Wyckoff to provide for a revaluation, so it is not optional.
  • The purpose of a revaluation is to spread the tax burden fairly by estimating all properties at 100% of their market value. In other words, for property owners to pay their fair share. A revaluation is revenue neutral, meaning it does not increase the money raised by taxation.
  • This is accomplished by inspecting the interior of properties and measuring the exterior of the home. It is in a property owner’s interest to see that as much information as possible is gathered to help ensure an accurate inspection of their house.
  • If a property owner believes their property has a unique condition or feature that influences value, (either positively or negatively), please send supporting documentation to the Wyckoff Tax Assessor and Realty Appraisal at 4912 Bergenline Avenue, Suite 4, West New York, NJ 07903
  • The Mayor and Township Committee are prohibited by law from becoming involved in the assessment process. If a property owner has a question, contact the Tax Assessor’s Office at 201-891-7000 ext 114 between 9 am and 430 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • The Field Inspector will display two (2) photo ID’s; one from the Wyckoff Police Department and one from Realty Appraisal Company. All Field Inspectors have been vetted by the Wyckoff Police Department. If a resident is ever unsure that the individual at their door is a Revaluation inspector, instruct the individual to wait outside, call the Wyckoff Police Department at 201-891-2121 and an officer will respond.
  • The special issue of the Revaluation Newsletter, which is a thorough and complete explanation of a revaluation process, was mailed to all homes in Wyckoff. It is also posted on the home page of Wyckoff on the web, www.wyckoff-nj.com. A link to this Newsletter is also emailed weekly to all residents who “signed-up” for E-news on the home page to receive e-blasts of timely and relevant municipal public information.
  • The purpose of the Revaluation Newsletter and the three public information sessions regarding the revaluation can be summed up as; “more information at the beginning of the process; less confusion at the end of the process.”

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