Jul 28, 2014
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Snow Threat Not Closing Village Schools

A forecast of one to three inches of snow isn't prompting Babylon School officials to announce a snow day or an early closing time.

Snow Threat Not Closing Village Schools

A forecast of one to three inches of snowfall Friday isn’t shutting down the Babylon School District, at least as of Thursday afternoon.

The district says schools will open at usual time in the morning and it’s expected that students will have a full day of instruction. Once children are in school, an early dismissal time can be difficult to manage as many parents aren't reachable and notified of the change. One district employee said she couldn't remember any early closings happening in her 12 years of working in the district.

If conditions change, and officials do make a decision to close the schools or enact an early dismissal, parents will be notified through the district’s Connect-Ed system which provides phone and email alerts. The district will also post any school closing information with local media outlets.

Weather watchers are predicting snow flurries will begin late Thursday evening and continue into Friday. There is an 80 percent chance that the Babylon Village area will get one to three inches before the snow ends sometime Saturday.

The snow storm's wind prediction is much calmer given its verocity during  the recent blizzard event. Winds during that storm reached nearly 50 mph but winds this weekend should top out at about 5 to 10 mph, according to weather reports.

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