19 Aug 2014
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Last Minute Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

If you—or more likely your kid—is young and in love, here are some suggested Valentine's Day gifts they can pick up in northeast Queens.

Last Minute Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

Bringing a gift to your lady on Valentine's Day is absolutely compulsory, whether you're 10 or 110.

The only exception I think possible is if you . But otherwise, a fellow is in for a lot of pouts—or worse—if he blows off the holiday.

So, here is Patch's last minute gift guide for Valentine's Day.

Sweets for the Sweet

Drop by Douglaston's , a new bakery and sweet shop located at 42-34 235th St. The store is currently offering martini glasses filled to the brim with Valentine's Day cookies and cake pops. The shop also offers a variety of baked goods, ice cream, oils, candles and other home decor.

A Beautiful Bouquet

Douglaston's , located at 248-02 Northern Blvd., and , located at 242-09 Northern Blvd., are just two local spots to buy a bouquet for that special someone. Be sure to read our story on Valentine's Day flowers.

If It's Young Love

Bay Terrace is loaded with possibilities.

You can get costume jewelry at . A few bangle bracelets in a nice bag make a great gift from one middle school crush to another.

Perfumes and hand lotions line the walls of . Grab a few items (they have mix and match deals) like 1-2 scented lotions, and 1-2 body sprays. Maybe throw in a tube of lip gloss if your budget allows and you've got yourself a little gift bag that most high school girls will really dig. 

There's also , which does a terrific job of packaging lotions and perfumes. Young women really relish a cute package. Think about how much people enjoy the boxes that Apple products come in - same concept. Victoria's Secret might really be the ticket for college girls because it's a bit more sophisticated. 

By the way, post-college reader, all of the above gifts work well as "stocking stuffers," so to speak, for more mature relationship. All these things slip nicely into a larger bag with gifts appropriate for your age range. Check back with Patch for suggestions for age 20+ Valentine's Day couples. Remember, we're doing all budgets.

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