21 Aug 2014
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Meet Joe Concannon, Sen. Avella's Challenger

Retired NYPD captain, and former advisor to Mayor Giuliani Joe Concannon has officially stepped into the race.

Meet Joe Concannon, Sen. Avella's Challenger

After what City and State reports has been a lengthy search, the Republican challenger to Sen. Tony Avella, D-Bayside, officially kicked off his campaign last week in Bellerose.

will take on Avella in the race for the 11th Senate District.

Concannon's platform includes working towards shrunken government and lowered taxes. Read more below:


A retired NYPD captain and former advisor to Mayor Giuliani, Concannon is running for State Senate in District 11. He said to a crowd of supporters, ”I’ve lived in this district my whole life and I see that it has suffered over the past two years. I’m running on a platform of smaller, more effective government. We need to reduce taxes and reduce unnecessarily burdensome government regulation. There should be tax incentives for people to create jobs, so those who are struggling can get off the sidelines and get back to work.  Government should also be compassionate and help anyone who needs it, but funds should be accounted for fairly so the money goes where it’s really needed. I’m for accountability and cutting out any waste, mismanagement and fraud in government. We also need to fight to reduce crime and return to a safer city.”

Concannon, a family man and father of three, also emphasized his concern for the youth in his district and commented, “Education is the key to prosperity for future generations. When it comes to funding in Albany, the focus needs to be centered on what value it will add to a child’s education.  As an orphan, adopted out of the NY Founding Hospital in NYC I have fought for many community preservation issues, but can be more important that life itself.  I am pro-life and will fight for life, respect and dignity for the young and the elderly.”

Commenting on the importance of bipartisan cooperation, Concannon pointed to his supporters in the room and said, “As Mike Abel, Dan Halloran and Frank Padavan know, sometimes you have to reach across the aisle and work with both parties to get things done for the district.”

Councilmember and U.S. Congressional candidate Dan Halloran said, “Frank Padavan served this great district so well for 38 years and understood how this community works, but the new guy doesn’t get it. Joe Concannon does. We have been without the money we need from Albany since we lost the representation of Senator Padavan. Top to bottom, our net income has decreased and we have lost jobs. Not-for-profits in this district are dying. Joe has big shoes to fill, but I know he’s ready for the challenge.”


Joe Concannon’s 25-year law enforcement career with the NYPD has broadly prepared him in understanding government and ranged from planning city-wide emergency management protocols and operations to directing the early computer operations, LAN management in New York City, and government oversight. He was responsible for developing the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management and coordinating the response to all large-scale emergencies within the City of New York. He was the senior analyst in the Mayor's Office for all public safety agencies within the City. He has both internal and external investigative experience with the NYPD and the Mayor's Office and has received over 17 NYPD awards and commendations.

A founder of InfraGard's NYC Alliance, Concannon develops the vision and strategies for InfraGard in NYC to produce a successful, self-sustaining program and not for profit business. The FBI has recognized him locally and nationally for his commitment to the program, contribution to national security and leadership in the security industry.

Concannon served in the military and earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Public Administration from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. As a civic leader in Eastern Queens, Concannon opposed overdevelopment, illegal housing and advocated for proper delivery of public services. A lifelong New Yorker and sports fan involved with CYO programs for 15 years, he resides in the St. Gregory the Great Parish in Bellerose with his wife and three children. 

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