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1-to-1 Customize ELA Prep Course

1-to-1 Customize ELA Prep Course

Do you have a 4th-8th grader preparing for the NYS ELA Test in April?

Here's some exciting news, our 1-on-1 ELA tutoring program is a customized best option for families that value convenience in the privacy of their home, a local library or your office. Scheduling is flexible and there is no minimum session requirement. Tutoring can be scheduled at the client home Monday through Saturday between the hours of 12:00pm-8:00pm in one to two hour sessions. A progress reports are provided so parents can keep track of their child’s progress. Here’s what you get with our unique 1-on-1 ELA course:

  • New Core Curriculum Lessons & Materials
  • Hand-grading & Thorough Explanations
  • Top-Notch Books, Materials, & Instructors
  • Excellent Core Math & English Test-Taking Strategies
  • Excellent Critical Reading, Comprehension and Writing

Our 1-on-1 ELA course consist of as many teaching sessions as you like, each 2 hours long. Students will receive a thorough overview of all ELA content, be exposed to past tests and problem sets, and learn valuable test-taking strategies. 

The course will be taught by teachers who are familiar with the NYS standards and curriculum. Instructors have taught ELA in the classroom setting as well as specific ELA test prep, and have experience grading the tests. The bottom line: our instructors know the ins and outs of the test and can help students enter the exam with confidence.

Why prep your child for the NYS ELA Test?

The ELA exam are so important and often difficult to prepare for that it is in your best interest to have your child start his/her own studies sooner rather than later.

As these exams become further aligned with the State and National Common Core Standards, much of what is taught in this class is beneficial not only for take of “teaching for the test,” but will also help your child to succeed in the classroom. Start early and give your child the opportunity to truly develop and be prepared to excel on these tests.

For those applying to Specialized Middle Schools, such as Anderson Middle, NEST+m, Lab, Mark Twain, Millennium, Delta, East Side, and Salk, or Hunter College High School, the scores your child achieves on these exams will take on significant importance as there are often certain preliminary ELA scores necessary to even enter the admissions process for these schools. For example, to have a shot at applying to like Delta, a gifted program at Middle School 54 on the Upper West Side, the children needed to reach Level 4 on both ELA/Math exam, and a combined scale score of 1,385 out of 1,575. At Anderson, one of the city’s most selective middle schools, they needed a 725 on the English test and a 731 on the math test. That means they could get no more than four wrong answers on the English test and five on the math test, making every missed question a costly one. Students who want to take the Hunter College High School test for seventh-grade admission must score high on the fifth-grade standardized tests.

For those applying to New York City’s best public high schools (e.g. Townsend Harris High School, High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies, Baccalaureate School for Global Education) a high ELA/Math score is essential because students are categorized into one of three groups based upon the results of their 7th grade standardized ELA/MATH test score.

Give your child an advantage and call our office today @ 646-481-8216! Time is running out the NYS State ELA exam is in three weeks! Is your child ready?

“Preparing our Students for Success in a Global Age”

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