15 Sep 2014
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Not In The Script

Be the example, not the victim

Not In The Script

You are on top of your game, number one, and your name is always mentioned as the model individual, an expert.

All bets are on you to win. 

But what happens when you don't make the cut? What happens when you fall short of the expectations?

The questions about the ineptness of others or the system will be plentiful. The gallery will be sure to place the blame on others and portray you as the victim.

However, the universe does not call you a victim and will never conspire against you; it simply edits the script that most people think is a complete product.

Fate allows for re-writes and your personal scenes can change in a moment’s notice. The universe does not take into account how hard you’ve worked or how close you are to the top seat. 

What do you do? The answer is NOTHING. The re-write of your personal scene may not be for you but for those who think they have the power to call the shots. The universe will use you to remind the masses that certain things are not in their control. Your purpose in the midst of all that is happening is to be the example.

The current situation won't make you feel any better but know this is the script that was always in production. 

There may be another opportunity for you to take the seat that you want. The goal is to never give up. Next time may be sweetest – today is your day to inspire a generation.

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