23 Aug 2014
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Nothing Beats a Cup Of Hot Chocolate

The best hot chocolate in the neighborhood (spiked hot chocolate included)

Nothing Beats a Cup Of Hot Chocolate

The weather has been shockingly chilly the last couple days, bringing in a biting wind and temperatures hitting the low 20's.

The only way I can survive the cold weather months is by wrapping each frozen finger around a mug of something hot, and letting my body slowly thaw back to a comfortable state. This combined with the holiday season sweet tooth means only one thing: hot chocolate.

So this week's top five is focused on the comfort drink of the winter season, and all it's wonderful varieties:

5. Ms. Dahlia's Cafe - 449 Nostrand Avenue

For the classic cup of hot chocolate, try Ms. Dahlia's Cafe which offers a creamy and sweet cup with only a mild chocolate flavor. The large mug is sure to warm you inside and out.

4. Colador Cafe - 1000 Bedford Avenue

The Mexican Spice Coco at Colador Cafe is a bit thinner than other hot chocolates, but comes with a tower of whipped cream that melts into the drink and adds a creamy taste. This added with a cinnamon spice gives the drink a distinct holiday flavor.

3. One Last Shag - 348 Franklin Avenue

You probably weren't expecting to find a bar on this list, but I couldn't help but try the Spiked Minty Hot Chocolate on their menu. Sure enough, this steaming mug has a strong taste of whiskey, but the mintyness of the drink balances it out perfectly, and, surprisingly enough, you can still taste the chocolate. 

2. Scratch Bread - 1069 Bedford Avenue

When their window is open, Scratch Bread is ladling out Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. This incredibly thick, rich drink has almost more of a savory flavor than a sweet one, with a salty note and a distinct taste of black pepper. However, the chocolate cannot be ignored, and compliments the spicier flavors of the drink.

1. Alcatraz - 344 Franklin

My all-time favorite is the Mexican Hot Chocolate at Alcatraz, which is made with real chocolate, cloves, chili pepper, and cinnamon. The thick drink is rich with flavor and offers a sharp tang that almost tastes like a liqueur. 

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