23 Aug 2014
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Letter: Gabor Did Not Seek Dem. Endorsement

Bedford's Democratic Chairman writes in with a response to recent comments made by Todd Gabor, Republican candidate for town justice.

Letter: Gabor Did Not Seek Dem. Endorsement

In the September 28 Record Review, Todd Gabor made a comment which implied that the nominating process of the Bedford Democratic Committee is unfair.  He said: “I wasn’t even given the opportunity by the Democrats, they apparently just select their candidates.” 

If Todd had made an attempt to meet with any member, ever come to one Committee meeting, or ever volunteered to help any candidate, he would have known differently.

If he had even spoken to one of us or asked to be considered, since we have an open process, he would have been heard and considered.  Three years ago after his unsuccessful bid in the Democratic Primary, he was asked to join or participate in the Committee and help elect Democrats across the board.  He never made any effort to do so.

The Bedford Democratic Committee is open to all Democrats—and Democrats can come to our meetings at any time, even if they are not members.  If Todd had come to even one meeting, he would know that we have very spirited, frank and fair discussions about candidates and issues.

The decision to support David Menken was made after consideration of several local and prominent Democrats who have either expressed interest or been involved with us, and was decided by a vote of District Leaders. 
The qualifications we use to evaluate any candidate are these, something Todd could have learned at any meeting:

First: The candidate should have shown an active and serious commitment to community service and involvement through volunteer efforts and service to the community. 
Second: that they are qualified for the position they wish to pursue.
Third: that they share our values and are interested in our support and in supporting other fine candidates on our ticket.
Fourth: that their interest is truly civic minded and in the interest of the Town of Bedford.
Finally: That they understand what it takes to run for office and are prepared for the work we do to ensure a successful bid.

Although technically any resident is ‘qualified’ to run for Town Justice, Todd did not show any of these to the Democratic Committee. Maybe in the future he might actually seek our endorsement rather than complain after the fact that he never got what he never asked for.

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