23 Aug 2014
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Local Students Graduate from The Harvey School

Several students from the area were among the graduating class of 2012.

Nothing but blue skies and smiles at Thursday's graduation at , where 65 seniors became alumni members of the Class of 2012 in a sun-drenched ceremony presided over by .

Local clergy members Rabbi David Greenberg, of and The Rev. Dr. Charles Andrus of , delivered the invocation and benediction, respectively.

Valedictorian Nikki Pugliese addressed her fellow graduates and said each of them had collective experiences that had brought them to "the threshold of our greater selves."

"My teachers, our teachers, were our pedestrian compasses," she said. "Graduate means to complete a study, but ‘commencement’ means to begin.  And so today we commence to our future – scared, proud, certain. Harvey is forever in my soul, but these graduates are forever tattooed in my heart."

Award-winning 60 Minutes producer Ruth Streeter delivered the commencement address. Streeter's children, Benjamin Brimelow and Constance Brimelow, were part of the graduating class at Harvey.

Streeter told the class how she had been asked to leave the all-female boarding school she attended when she began to question authority as a student in the turbulent late 1960s. She said it was because she was asking "why," and challenging the status quo. She encouraged the Harvey seniors to ask questions and to listen to their inner voice to find out who they should become.

Streeter, who attended Harvard University and had an illustrious televison production career, told the class to not worry about taking a circuitous path to finding themselves.

"It's not a race," she said. "Don't worry about getting lost or sidetracked or stalled out. But I'll bet you know that already. Harvey has prepared you for that. And that's more valuable than any diploma you get today."

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The Harvey School Class of 2012

Charlotte Bethany Arbogast

 Wilton, CT

Kelly Frances Barker

New Canaan, CT

Kimberly Ivy Bernstein

Bedford Corners, NY

Alfredo John Bolanos

New Rochelle, NY

Mitchell Henry Bowman

Rye, NY

Benjamin William Brimelow

Greenwich, CT

Constance Cheney Brimelow

Greenwich, CT

Zachary Oliver Buckwald

Brookfield, CT

Kiefer Christopher Callaghan

Armonk, NY

Christopher Benson Camuto

Bedford, NY

Matthew Alexander William Castleton

Lincolndale, NY

Cameron Chase

 Mahopac, NY

Ryan Annan Cook

Hastings on Hudson, NY

Kathryn Leigh Crum

New Canaan, CT

Jerome Corbin Day, III

Greenwich, CT

Michael Jason DeNigris

Somers, NY

Desiree Nicole Eason

Ossining, NY

Jason Michael Ecker

Southeast, NY

Timothy Ehlberg

Pleasantville, NY

Barry Philip Falk

Cortlandt Manor, NY

Isabelle Christine Gale

New York, NY

Nicholas Anthony Gattuso

Mount Kisco, NY

Benjamin Drew Goldman

Goldens Bridge, NY

Elizabeth Janes Goldstein

Pleasantville, NY

Morgan Greenwalk New York, NY

Tyler Austin Grodin

Amawalk, NY

Jessica Leigh Harrington

Pound Ridge, NY

Sean Padraig Hennings

North Salem, NY

Brandon Gerard Hickey

Pearl River, NY

Sophia Anna Hoffman

South Salem, NY

Kelin Michelle Jimenez

Martinez Mt. Kisco, NY

Nicole Jeanie Claire Johnson

Yonkers, NY

Katherine Julia Kessler

Katonah, NY

Collin Dakota Kraus

Scarsdale, NY

Harper Alexandra Linneman

New Canaan, CT

Nicholas Julian Gibson Maluf

Dobbs Ferry, NY

Brett Landon Marks

White Plains, NY

Anna Rose Maus

Putnam Valley, NY

Aaron J. McBurnie

Brooklyn, NY

Timothy Ryan McGee

Armonk, NY

Rachel Rene Miles

Pawling, NY

Michael Richard Morra

Brewster, NY

John Peter Mulhern

Rye, NY

Shannon Ann O'Connor

West Harrison, NY

Alexander Edmund Petty

New Rochelle, NY

Russell Jack Pober

Ossining, NY

Nicole Ann Pugliese

Peekskill, NY

Samantha Megan Rettie

Mahopac, NY

Julian Rodger Rissetto

Katonah, NY

Dylan Maxwell Rosenthal

Armonk, NY

Maya Jaclyn Sank

Stamford, CT

Daniel Gunnar Schonning

Ridgefield, CT

William Elliot Schubert

Old Greenwich, CT

Richard Ryan Schulman

Greenwich, CT

Bryn Hillary Sara Seltzer

Katonah, NY

David Allan Shabshis

North Salem, NY

Hannah Claire Slivka

Pound Ridge, NY

Martha Dale Slivka

Pound Ridge, NY

Natalia Rosaleen St. Lawrence

 Garrison, NY

Mikhyle Petrus Stein

Pound Ridge, NY

Brian Christopher-Patrick

Theiss Harrison, NY

Leigh Genevieve Thomas

Greenwich, CT

Alex Michael Trister

Rye Brook, NY

Noah Daniel Vock

New Canaan, CT

Arianna Delogu Wilson

Old Greenwich, CT

In addition, the following academic prizes were awarded:

The Art Prize for excellence in Art:            
Cameron Chase

The Photography Prize for excellence in Photography:
Michael Morra

The Keenan Wynn '31 Prize for excellence in Drama is given in honor of F. Keenan Wynn ’31:     

Julian Rissetto

The David Muntner Theatre Tech Award:  
Natalia St. Lawrence                  

The Ronald W. Duncan Music Award is given for excellence in the field of Music in honor of former piano teacher Ronald W. Duncan:
Vocal:  Kathryn Crum            Instrumental:  Brett Marks  

The Dance Prize for outstanding contributions in Dance:
Maya Sank

The English Prize for excellence in English:     
 Nicole Pugliese & Constance Brimelow                                          

The History Prize for excellence in History:         
 Benjamin Brimelow & Bryn Seltzer      

The John A. Shea Latin Prize was endowed by an anonymous donor in honor of Mr. Shea's 80th birthday and in recognition of his twenty‑two years of service to the School.  It is presented each year for excellence in Latin: 
 Samantha Rettie  

The Japanese Prize for excellence in Japanese:    
 Katherine Kessler & Collin Kraus

The Spanish Prize for excellence in Spanish:                  
 Tyler Grodin

 The Mathematics Prize for excellence in Mathematics:         
  Sean Hennings & Collin Kraus

                                                                                                                    The Science Prize for excellence in Science:    
 Charlotte Arbogast

The Edward Micola Model United Nations Award is given every year to that student who has displayed the most dedication, energy and expertise in representing the School in our participation in the Model United Nations competitions in honor of Edward V. Micola ’92:    

 Nicole Pugliese & Mitchell Bowman

The John L. Loeb, Jr. ’44 Scholarship Cup was given to the School and endowed by Mr. Loeb, the School’s leading scholar of 1943 and a member of the Harvey Class of 1044.  The winner of the Scholarship Cup is: Jesse Silbert                                                     
The Harvey Parents’ Association Cavalier Award:        
 Nicole Johnson

The Girls' Athletic Prize is presented each year to the outstanding female athlete:           
  Martha Slivka

The Boys' Athletic Prize is presented each year to the outstanding male athlete:   
Brandon Hickey

The Citizenship Award was given to the School and endowed by the Harvey Parents’ Association.  It is inscribed annually with the name of the student who has displayed outstanding qualities of citizenship during the year:                Natalia St. Lawrence

The Headmaster's Prize was given to the School and endowed by the Board of Trustees.  It is inscribed annually with the name of the student who, in the view of the Headmaster, has put forth the greatest effort in any aspect of his or her life at school:   
Anna Maus               Mikhyle Stein 


The E. Bradley Richardson Scholar-Athlete Award named after a former Headmaster is presented each year to the student who is voted by the Faculty to be the outstanding scholar‑athlete of the senior class:                            Nicole Pugliese                     William Schubert        

 The Improvement Award was given to the School by Mr. and Mrs. Calvin A. Thompson parents of Alexis ’82 and Thaddeus ’87, and is inscribed annually with the name of the student who is voted by the Faculty to have made the greatest all‑around improvement:  
Maya Sank                Brian Theiss

The Lindsley Loring Loyalty Award was given to the School and endowed by Mrs. Lindsley Loring in memory of her husband.  It is inscribed annually with the name of the student who is voted by the Faculty to have shown the greatest loyalty in his or her school relations during the year:               
Brett Marks

The Upper School's highest award is The Founders' Honor Cup, presented by the Carter family in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Swift Carter, founders of The Harvey School, and their son, Herbert Swift Carter, Jr. ’19, who established the School's pre‑preparatory program and served as a Headmaster from 1926-1938.  The cup is inscribed each year with the name of the student who is voted by the Faculty to have contributed the most to the spirit and aims of the School:
Daniel Schonning


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