Jul 30, 2014

Readers Choice: Tax Preparers [Poll]

What's your go-to tax prep place during filing season?

Readers Choice: Tax Preparers [Poll]

Editor's note: We couldn't declare a winner this week due to a lack of votes. Thanks for checking in and tune in for our next Readers Choice!

Where's your eleventh-hour tax stop?

With the April deadline approaching, some folks are looking for a quick, local stop to get their finances in order.

This year the deadline is April 17—perhaps you are feeling stress with a pile of forms and fees in front of you. Or maybe you've found just the service or the individual to handle it for you.

When you need an experienced auto repair mechanic, a knowledgeable electrician or a reliable babysitter, you turn to your friends and neighbors—now you can also share information with Patch Readers Choice.

Below are some popular spots—sound off on your favorite in the comments, and cast a vote in the poll. If we missed your reliable standard, leave a suggestion!

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