Jul 30, 2014
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Russell Speeders Prepares for May Opening in Bedford Hills

Owners of the car wash that takes over the site currently occupied by Splash later this spring say they have plans to upgrade equipment and renovate the interior into a high-end lounge area.

Russell Speeders Prepares for May Opening in Bedford Hills

When Russell Speeders completes the renovations on the existing car wash site at 527 North Bedford Road, customers can expect all-new car wash equipment, an outdoor patio with umbrellas and chairs and an interior waiting area with WiFi, Apple computers and comfortable chairs, according to Michael Shullman, whose family operates 18 Russell Speeders outlets nationally.

"It will be a cross between a Starbucks and a high-end restaurant. Customers will have a clean car but also a superior service experience," he said.

The space is currently operated by Splash Car Wash, which has recently had plans approved by the town for a move to the former Carvel site at 570 North Bedford Road.

Russell Speeders' plans, approved by Bedford planners last June, include renovations will take several months, said Shullman, who plans to spend at least six months in Bedford Hills overseeing the hiring of new employees and opening of the business. It will be a homecoming of sorts for Shullman, who grew up in the area and worked at the site as a boy with his grandfather, who owned the business in the 1960s.

After his grandfather retired in the 1980s, the family leased the land in a long-term lease to a company who then transferred the lease to Splash. Shullman said the time felt right to return the space to the family business.

Russell Speeders is promoting the opening of the new car wash with a contest awarding winners two years of free car washes. To date, two winners have been selected—Paul Rath and Scott Whalen of Mt. Kisco. Shullman said they expect five more winners to be chosen before the year's end.

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