Jul 29, 2014

Billy Dean's of North Bellmore Seeks Cabaret Renewal

The strip club's cabaret license will expire on March 28.

Billy Dean's of North Bellmore Seeks Cabaret Renewal

Billy Dean's Showtime Cafe in North Bellmore is seeking to renew its cabaret license which will expire this month.

The establishment, which opened in the early 90s, deems itself "Long Island's Number 1 Strip Club," on its Web site.

Susie Pokalsky, spokesperson for the Town of Hempstead, said that the license will expire on March 28.

Town of Hempstead spokesman Mike Deery told Newsday that the company submitted its applications to the town's building department on Monday. 

The department will inspect the club and then forward the application to the appeals board to hold a public hearing, Deery told Newsday.

"The building department would conduct an inspection for safety and compliance purposes," Deery said.

At a scheduled hearing at Nassau County Supreme Court in Mineola on Wednesday, it was announced that owner Billy Dean's appeal against the Town of Hempstead after rejecting a cabaret application for his planned Wantagh establishment is now in the hands of Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Antonio Brandveen, who is expected to make a decision in 60 days.

Wantagh resident Kevin Milano has organized protest rallies in front of the North Bellmore business on 1538 Newbridge Rd. in 2011 and in front of 3500 Sunrise Highway in Wantagh where Dean has plans to open a another club that many fear will also feature adult entertainment similar to the North Bellmore establishment.

Milano said he became motivated to start protest rallies in front of the North Bellmore business because he believes that adult entertainment should not be in residential neighborhoods in the vicinity of schools.

"Our communities are dumbfounded on how this establishment can continue to operate near our children," he said.  "There are town codes for adult entertainment and this establishment has been able to ignore them for years."

Milano said the club has also put customers in danger.

"They have operated parties in the basement for years putting patrons at risk," he said.

Milano said that he will continue to rally for what he believes in.

"This fight is for our children and the quality of life in our communities," he said. "It is not going to end until we win."

Andrew Coen contributed to this report.

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