Jul 29, 2014

Business Q&A: Emerge Yoga and Wellness

New business brings "Anti-Gravity Yoga" to the Bellmores.

Business Q&A: Emerge Yoga and Wellness Business Q&A: Emerge Yoga and Wellness Business Q&A: Emerge Yoga and Wellness

Emerge Yoga and Wellness, located at 2579 Merrick Road, is a relative newcomer to the Bellmores, only having opened its doors in March. However, co-owner Carrie Weaver brings with her an impressive resume of exercise knowledge that she can use to help clients achieve the physical potential they have deep inside.

Weaver recently spoke to Patch about the fun and unique ways that Emerge Yoga and Wellness can assist you in tapping into your endurance, flexibility and energy.

Tell us about what services you offer at Emerge Yoga and Wellness.

We offer Yoga, Anti-Gravity Yoga, massage, nutrition classes and physical therapy.

Anti-Gravity Yoga? That sounds unusual. Can you explain a little about it?

That’s a new thing to this area; we’re the only place that offers Anti-Gravity Yoga on Long Island right now. It’s a fusion technique...it’s Yoga, dance, Pilates, calisthenics, gymnastics, all wrapped up into one. It’s a fun workout

We also do inversions...it’s basically a hammock, and it’s to help people who might have a condition that prevents they from doing some of the Yoga forms. It not only offers resistance, but it offers support as well.

It’s a fun workout...when people come on, it doesn’t just feel like they’re doing Yoga; technically, they’re not. There’s all this other stuff that’s incorporated into it. It appeals both to people who do and don’t like Yoga.

Tell us a little about your background. Do you have a lot of experience in personal training and fitness?

I’ve been teaching Yoga for ten years in the area, so I have a lot of clients now who have been to me before. Personally, I’ve been doing Yoga for even longer...probably about 16 years. I became involved in Anti-Gravity Yoga about a year ago and I became trained in it. When it came to opening a business, some people are looking for conditioning, while others are looking for flexibility, and I offer both Yoga and Anti-Gravity Yoga so they can get both.

What about the nutritional classes and massage? Do you have someone in-house to handle that?

The co-owner, Vanessa, is a licensed massage therapist, as well as a Yoga teacher. She also has a degree in nutrition.

What do you like about owning and operating a business in the Bellmore area?

I chose this area not only because I already have a lot of clients here, but I also wanted to bring them to a place where they could actually find a little bit of calm in the day. I wanted a community-based facility that offers them peace and the ability to be more health-conscious and aware of how they can prevent illness.

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