Jul 26, 2014

Kennedy Hosts World Culture Night

Rich and exciting event introduces attendees to a grand mixture of cultures.

For the second year in a row, Kennedy High School gave a big taste of the varied and colorful cultures of the world to Bellmore.

Kennedy’s Second Annual World Culture Night took place on Tuesday, combining dance, song, and food into an expression of diversity, Spanish teacher and event coordinator Franca Fiorentino said.

"This is basically a celebration of all types of dances and songs and cultures," she said. "We're just trying to get the culture out there, because people don't know a lot about it."

The evening consisted of a series of distinct cultural dances and songs performed by members of the school’s Culture Club, reflecting many ethnic styles including Mexican Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian, Irish, and American themes.

The audience members not only got to watch visual representations of the various cultures on display that evening, but actually got to taste them as well,  Fiorentino said.

"All the food we serve tonight to attendees matches the dances...so far we've had Chinese, Spanish, and Mexican," she said.

The money generated by the evening’s festivities will go towards items for the Culture Club's future events.

Nina Cervini, co-president of the Kennedy Culture Club, participated in several dance numbers throughout the evening.

“It took a few weeks to get this ready for everybody, because we have to make sure everything was perfect,” Cervini said. “We had to make sure we had all the decorations and costumes. But it’s a really fun experience, because we’re all like a family together, so that helps.”

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