15 Sep 2014
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Ladder Clamps, Wall Anchors, and Parking Bollards Make Jobs Easier

It is frustrating looking for ladder clamps and wall anchors and discovering you don’t have the right size or right kind.

Whether you need a wall anchor for a home project or a construction job, quality wall anchors are available. But, there are several different types of wall anchors, hollow or heavy-duty. Which one do you choose and does it make a difference?

Brick, concrete, lath, plaster and drywall all have different densities and will need different types of anchors. Since a wall wasn’t made to withstand weight all by itself, wall anchors are designed to take some of the load and distribute it evenly.

Needed: Wall Anchors To Bear a Load

When purchasing wall anchors, it is best to remember the downward force or gravity and the weight of the objects themselves. The weight of an object may pull it away from a wall and home or construction jobs will need wall anchors that can evenly distribute the weight and keep cabinets, paintings, shelves and other projects in place.

It doesn’t matter what kind you choose as long as you remember: are they easy to remove from the wall, if needed. For drivers who might be tempted to park too closely to the front of a building, parking bollards are an obvious deterrent. 

Parking Bollards Help Redirect Traffic

Parking Bollards are excellent tools for marking parking spaces, even the entrance to state fairs or restricting visitors to stay only in marked areas. These concrete, steel, or plastic parking bollards are heavy. 

If parking bollards don’t need to be moved frequently, steel or concrete barriers might be better choices for business construction projects. Plastic bollards are good choices for venues where these parking space markers may be moved for frequently because they are lighter weight and easier to manage.

Ladder Clamps Prevent dangerous Falls

And whether doing any home project or construction job, remember to work smart and use ladder clamps. Though they may be made of different materials, ladder clamps safely secure a ladder to a structure’s guttering and prevent ladders from falling or tipping over.

A clamp made of nylon and metal could help prevent injury by ensuring a ladder doesn’t fall while anyone was climbing up or down. Though these ladder clamps may be an extra expense, they are certainly worth paying the additional amount for.


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