Jul 30, 2014
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SCOPE Education Services is Open for Business Before and After-School Programs, Pre-K, Extended Kindergarten and Universal Kindergarten to Over 6,500 Students

SCOPE Education Services George L. Duffy III Executive Director has announced all SCOPE child-care before and after-school programs, pre-K, extended kindergarten and universal kindergarten programs are all open and fully functional within each Long Island member school district that is open for students. 

SCOPE Educational Services is one of the largest child-care providers in New York State serving approximately 5,300 students between 5-12 years old in approximately 42 school districts throughout Long Island. SCOPE’s before- and after-child care programs are open each school day from 7am-630pm and provide students with a safe and clean environment while parents and guardians are at work. Students also receive healthy snacks and opportunity for homework assistance.  

More than 1,250 students are enrolled in SCOPE’s pre-kindergarten, extended kindergarten and universal kindergarten programs throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  

SCOPE was founded in 1964 by school district superintendents as a resource for districts to use to help with common concerns.  SCOPE provides valuable tools and information for both parents and teachers on important issues such as child care and after school programs to teacher development courses and training programs. 


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