21 Aug 2014
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About Town: Tweeting Sarah Lawrence

What's happening up on the hill in 140 characters or less?

About Town: Tweeting Sarah Lawrence


Oh, Sarah Lawrence tweets, how we’ve missed you.  It’s time to check in again with the snarkiest comments on our favorite social media network, especially now that admissions decision letters have arrived in the mailboxes of wide-eyed, American Spirit-smoking, hoodie-wearing high school seniors across the land. 

“Does every building at Sarah Lawrence posses [sic] a zen rock garden? Or some loose derivative of one?” - @holyguacamolly [yep, every single one of ‘em, Ms. Best Twitter Handle Ever.]

“En route to Sarah Lawrence for admitted student day, it's too…early to be at the train station #ohwell” - @saruuushka

“"The worst dressed person at a school like NYU or Sarah Lawrence is the best dressed person at a place like Michigan State." - Thought Cat” - @heyvandy [who has obviously has never seen these MSU fraternity boys.]

“Isn't Sarah Lawrence the school for lesbians? How's their football team?” - @kaitlynlowry [No doubt a sad omission from the SLC athletics lineup, although if they had one, we’d pay cash money to watch them play the Bronxville Broncos.  Perhaps resident NFL commish Roger Goodell could get involved here.]

“@yokoono should totally follow me and also, just as a side thing, help pay for my studies at Sarah Lawrence college. I would make you proud.” - @_val10 [She’d have to be pretty proud to justify mortgaging her place at The Dakota to pay for four years at SLC.]

“Dear Sarah Lawrence, It is 60 degrees out. You do not need to blast the heat anymore. You are killing me. Love, Erin” - @darkheadlights

“Sometimes Sarah Lawrence feels like prison. I don't smoke, but I use cigarettes as currency to get car rides.” - @mitchsunderland

“Ah. A Sarah Lawrence hoodie walks by.” - @paul_lisicky [Let’s just hope Paul isn’t a neighborhood watch kind of guy.]

“Omg @ students who think Sarah Lawrence is an "oppressive" environment.” - @thealexhughes [Only when the heat is on in April, Alex.]

“the entire Sarah Lawrence College Admissions Department is listening to a song called "Teddy Bear Picnic" - @supermattachine [If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise, if you go down to the woods today….yep, stuck in our head.  Thanks for that.]

“julia stiles when she got in to sarah lawrence in 10 things i hate about you = me for the last hour” - @stevieisourking [Congrats, Stevie!  Did you know that Julia Stiles was in The Omen with Pete Postlethwaite who was in Crimetime with…Emma Roberts!]

Until next time, keep tweeting, kids!

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