23 Aug 2014
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Chapel School Students Challenge their minds at the Chess Club

Chapel School Students Challenge their minds at the Chess Club Chapel School Students Challenge their minds at the Chess Club

             Students from The Chapel School in Bronxville, NY are stretching their minds in the after school Chess Club. The club is open for students in first through eighth grade, and is led by an instructor from The National Scholastic Chess Foundation (NSCF). New students are excited to learn about the rules and pieces, while returning players come to improve their skills.

            According to Mr. James Dhyne, principal of The Chapel School, “Since we are a smaller school, our students can easily get involved in sports and other activities.” The game of chess is highly precise and logical. It requires players to strategize, concentrate, analyze and evaluate their decisions and moves. According to the NSCF, research has found that students who play chess increase their spatial-reasoning abilities and have a more highly developed visual memory.

            The chess club was formed a few years ago, and Chapel School students have even gone on to compete in tournaments.  The members of the chess club not only learn about chess but they develop skills that will carry with them throughout their life. Chess requires self-discipline and determination. The game also reinforces problem-solving and critical thinking skills, while teaching the club members about good sportsmanship. “It’s amazing seeing these young children strategizing and carefully planning out their moves,” said one Chapel School staffer.

            The club is not only educational but also “a lot of fun,” according to the players. “Chess is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. It encourages socialization skills that extend across cultures and generations.” (NSCF)  The players enjoy meeting after school and challenging their reasoning and critical thinking.

The Chapel School is located at 172 White Plains Road in Bronxville. The next open house for The Chapel School is February 7th.  For more information about Village Lutheran Church and The Chapel School and its programs, call 914-337-3202 or visit www.thechapelschool.org.

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