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Contact Your County Legislators About Playland/SPI!

Contact Your County Legislators About Playland/SPI!
For an excellent overview of the Playland/SPI issue, check out this article in the Rye City Review:

Rye City Review Article

If you have questions or concerns regarding the proposed “Field Zone” that Sustainable Playland wants to build in the middle of the Playland Amusement Park parking lot (including a 95,000 square foot indoor sports facility) it is of paramount importance that you contact your local officials -  especially ALL of the members of the County Board of Legislators - to express your opinion. Please do not delay and do this as soon as possible.

To help you with this, below is a comprehensive list of contact information for all elected officials involved in this process as well as Rye’s own local Playland Advisory Committee.

As of the new year some changes at  both the County and local Rye level have been made that will affect who you should contact moving forward if you have questions or concerns regarding Playland. 

Previously the County committee that was overseeing the vetting of the different RFP responders and attempting to do due diligence on SPI was known as the “Government Operations Committee” (“Gov Ops”). That committee has been disbanded and reorganized with its oversight duties being redirected to other newly named committees.

The current committee that will be overseeing Playland issues falls under the umbrella of “Labor/Parks/Planning/Housing”.

The new Chairman is:

Peter Harckham (D) District 2 (Bedford, Lewisboro, Mount Kisco, North Salem, Pound Ridge, Somers)

The members of this new committee are:

Catherine Parker (D), District 7 (Harrison, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Rye

Ken Jenkins (D) District 16 (Yonkers)

Virginia Perez (D) District 17 (Yonkers)

Bernice Spreckman (R) District 14 (Mt. Vernon/Yonkers)

Michael Smith (R) District 3 (Mount Pleasant, North Castle, Pleasantville)

For a schedule of public meetings of this committee that may be coming up or any other questions/info you can contact  their Admin Wendy Wild : WendyW@westchesterlegislators.com

Phone: 914-995-2883

Other helpful links:

Westchester County Board Of Legislators page link (bios, info, districts, contact info)

Extensive contact list for all County BOL members and committees, including phone numbers and administrative assistants


New list of committees with new committee chairs & members 

Below is a full list of direct email addresses to all County Legislators, County Executive Rob Astorino, Deputy County Executive Kevin Plunkett and Commissioner of Parks, Recreation & Conservation Kathleen O’Connor (you can copy the whole bunch, paste into your email’s “send to” address line and send one email to all these people at the same time): 





















Local to Rye:

Rye Playland Advisory Committee-

The Rye Playland Advisory Committee was re-established at the February 6, 2002 City Council meeting. The committee consists of nine members to serve three-year terms. The initial appointments will be staggered, with three one-year terms, three two-year terms and three three-year terms. The members will be appointed by the Mayor with Council approval and one member will be designated chair by the Mayor.

Garrick Gelinas, (recent Chair, term expires 1-1-16)

Ken Ball  (term expires 1-1-17)

Jerry Bourkney  (term expires 1-1-15)

Joan Marshall Cresap (term expires 1-1-16)

Lloyd Emanuel (term expires 1-1-17)

Lucinda McKinnon (term expires 1-1-17)

William Meyers (recent  Chair, term expires 1-1-17)

Steve Vasko (current Chair, term expires 1-1-16)

Mike Visci (term expires 1-1-17)

To contact the Playland Advisory Committee for information, to find out when and where their next meeting is or to submit questions, concerns or suggestions you can email:  


New Mayor & Rye City Council Members Contact Info:

Mayor Joseph A. Sack:  jsack@ryeny.gov 

Council Members:

Laura U. Brett: lbrett@ryeny.gov

Kirstin A. Bucci: kbucci@ryeny.gov

Julie P. Killian: jkillian@ryeny.gov

Terrence E. McCartney: tmccartney@ryeny.gov

Richard J. Mecca: rmecca@ryeny.gov

Richard W. Slack: rslack@ryeny.gov


The next Rye City Council Meeting is Weds. January 19, 2014 at 7:30pm, Rye City Hall.

If you would like more information or wish to sign the online petition protesting this construction project please go to:


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