Jul 28, 2014
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March Manicure Madness at Groom Spot

March Manicure Madness at Groom Spot March Manicure Madness at Groom Spot

TUCKAHOE, NY March 1, 2014 – Do your dog’s nails seem too sharp? Do they scratch you or your furniture? Local dog grooming salon, Groom Spot in Tuckahoe, NY has dedicated March as “Manicure Month.”

Just like human nails, dog nails are constantly growing. Some dogs wear down their nails naturally from walking on pavement or concrete. However, the majority of dogs don't spend enough time outside to keep their nails short. “All of the snow and cold weather this winter has resulted in many dogs staying indoors and having shorter walks,” stated Larry Van Nostrand, co-owner of Groom Spot. Nails that aren’t trimmed regularly will keep growing, even to the point of growing around in a circle and into the pads of their feet. “Almost all dogs’ nails need to be trimmed on a regular basis, usually about once a month,” said Julie Zwisdak co-owner of Groom Spot. It depends on how fast your dog’s nails grow, and how much walking and running they do. Nails that are only trimmed occasionally can result in unnatural stress when a dog walks, causing pain to your dog’s feet and joints.

"Nails that are too long can get hung on fabric, blankets, towels, etc and get torn off which is not only painful, but tends to cause a great deal of bleeding," said Dr. Stacy Eckman, a lecturer at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. "Nails that are too long (especially the dewclaws) can also grow around and into the footpads causing pain and infection."


Groom Spot is designating March as “Manicure Month” to encourage pet owners to get their dog’s nails buffed. Nail buffing results in a smooth nail tip that reduces scratching. It is a great alternative to nail clipping and can reduce accidental scratch wounds to owners, seniors, children or persons with a lowered immunity. “We want all dogs to be comfortable and have great grooming experience. It is important to set a routine, that way the dog becomes familiar with nail buffing and views it as a special treat,” stated Julie Zwisdak, co-owner of Groom Spot. 


Visitors to the salon are often greeted by Groom Spot’s “mascot” Maeby. This rescue dog was adopted by Julie and Larry and can often be seen “hard at work” at Groom Spot. “We trim and  buff her nails regularly,” stated Julie. “She enjoys getting a paw-dicure and showing off her newly manicured nails.” 


Stop by Groom Spot this March to learn more about the benefits of nail buffing. Be sure to check out the “March Madness Sale - 20% off all apparel.” The salon is currently open and booking appointments. Dog owners can rest assured that their beloved pooches will be in good hands. The salon owners have been grooming full time since 2007 and are very concerned with providing a safe and comforting environment. The staff of Groom Spot consists of two gentle and certified dog groomers, who have had pets their whole life. They provide quality service and care to suit the needs of their canine customers and their owners. For more information visit  www.groomspot.com. To schedule a grooming appointment, call 914-826-5240


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