23 Aug 2014
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Students in Bronxville Climb to New Heights

After finishing the installation of a rock wall last summer, students in grades 4 - 12 are being challenged to grow in new and exciting ways outside of the classroom.

Students in Bronxville Climb to New Heights Students in Bronxville Climb to New Heights Students in Bronxville Climb to New Heights


When the Project Adventure Curriculum began back in 1983 at the Bronxville School, teachers wanted to offer a sense of adventure, unpredictability, drama and suspense to the school day and that tradition continues on this year with the introduction of a vertical rock wall that was completed this past summer.

24 feet wide by 16 feet high, the rock wall has four climbing stations and offers students an unique experience that challenges them both physically and mentally.

Physical education teachers, Brian Senior and Brain Parise, believe that exposing students to unique forms of exercise is essential to providing a diverse and complete educational experience.

“It is the best workout I have ever had and a big adrenalin rush," said Senior who started climbing over four years ago and now has a strong passion for it that he shares with his students.

Last spring, the two teachers submitted a grant request to the Bronxville School Foundation, which awarded them over $24,000 to help make their dream of a rock wall at the Bronxville School a reality.

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With learning experiences for the students like the wall, it gives teachers an approach to learning that makes use of group problem solving and allows for a variety of personal challenges and contributions according to the Bronxville School Foundation.

Through the years, the Foundation has supported this program by funding the Project Adventure Activity Course (2004) and the Outside Zip Line (2009).

Many students have already experienced great triumphs by conquering their fears and completing a climb.

Timothy Donohue, Bronxville junior says that rock climbing can be fun and challenging at the same time.

“Rock climbing is very fun and challenging, and when you get to the top of the wall it is a great feeling and you feel as if you have conquered the wall,” stated Donohue

Fifth grader Finley Boardman started rock climbing a couple of years ago because of his grandfather, who climbed three quarters of Mount Everest. 

He loves the thrill but recognizes that climbing is harder than he originally thought it would be. 

“It is can be scary climbing, but the excitement of getting to the top is amazing," shared Boardman

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