Jul 28, 2014
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Tuckahoe School Dist. Security to be Discussed Tonight

The school board will be talking about security issues at this evening's meeting.

Tuckahoe School Dist. Security to be Discussed Tonight

The Tuckahoe Board of Education is encouraging parents and guardians who are eager to talk about school security to attend tonight's meeting. Here's the email that the school board president has sent out.


Dear Parents/Guardians:

The Board of Education invites all members of the community to this evening's Board meeting to have an opportunity to express their concerns and to hear about the security procedures that are currently in place and those that we may need to consider to ensure the safety of our children. The Board will meet in the TMS/THS Library immediately following its recognition night, which will be held in the TMS/THS auditorium at 6:30PM. Help us celebrate the achievement of our community's children as we remember the children and adults of Sandy Hook whose lives will go unfulfilled.

Julio A. Urbina, PhD, MPH
School Board President

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