Jul 28, 2014
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Update in Tuckahoe on Storm Preparations

Tuckahoe Mayor Steve Ecklond addresses what the Village is doing to prepare for Hurricane Irene.

Update in Tuckahoe on Storm Preparations


The following is an update by Mayor Steve Ecklond on the precautions and preparations the Village of Tuckahoe is undertaking for the upcoming weather event.

Over the past 48 hours we have taken down and secured any objects which may become airborne with the anticipated tropical storm or hurricane wind forces.

We have used our pre-storm time advantage to bring in DPW staff that is filling sandbags, picking up and clearing catch basins of fallen leaves to mitigate flooding problems in the flood prone areas.

We will continue these efforts with another shift of personnel all day tomorrow, Sunday, Oct. 28.

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Today we have engaged the assistance of sub contractual tree trimming and removal services and we will have this service at the ready to assist our staff for the anticipated down trees and limbs from the anticipated high winds.

All of our cleanup and construction vehicles and related assets are ready to go.

An emergency notice regarding this storm has been emailed to our residents, posted to our website, and is running on our cable access channels.  We have urged our residents to utilize this time to make any and all safety preparations for this upcoming event.  I have been traveling all throughout the village today and I have witnessed our residents heeding this advice and preparing their properties for this major storm.

The Village and US Army Corp of Engineers has agreed to allow the Yonkers Avenue contractor to work today, Saturday, to drive into place the steel curtain sheet sections between the pilings which will be enormously helpful in containing the swollen Bronx River in the river channel and hopefully minimizing the river overflow when the heavy rains start.

Tomorrow morning, Sunday, I will be meeting with members of the Village Board, Police Department, and DPW to participate in another municipal teleconference with the Westchester County Office of Emergency Management and advised them of our current status.

In addition, tomorrow I will be participating in a teleconference with ConEdison whereby I will again offer the availability for them to stage their repair trucks in our Village for their first response to any power outages in our community.

After an analysis of tomorrow mornings updated information and with consultation of our OEM personnel, I will make a determination on whether to implement a State of Emergency for the Village of Tuckahoe.

We are fortunate to have a very seasoned Police Department and Public Works Department, both of which are commanded by extraordinary leadership.  I am confident that Tuckahoe can take the punch we’ll get from this storm and the residents should know that we’re ready to punch back with everything we’ve got.

Thank you for your attention to this.

Steven A. Ecklond, Mayor

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