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EAS 40 Hours SAT Preparation Course

EAS 40 Hours SAT Preparation Course

EAS 40 Hours SAT Preparation Course

There are a total of 12 meetings in the EAS SAT Course: 8 lessons and 4 full-length proctored practice SATs. That adds up to 24 hours of in-class lecture time, plus 16 hours for the practice tests, to equal a course that is 40 hours long. The extensive schedule allows us to cover not only the fundamentals of the SAT, but also the strategies and shortcuts for handling those challenging problems that mean the difference between a good score and a great score.

The practice tests are administered in sessions that are three and a half hours in length, and the lessons and test reviews are three hours long. Three hours sounds like a long time, but we spice up class with games and other review activities.  The time will fly by because we work hard to make sure you enjoy learning the tricks to beat the SAT.

200 Point Score increase Guarantee-we know you'll improve

We are so certain our classes can help you that we guarantee your score will increase! If your official College Board test results do not improve by at least 200 points, you have unlimited SAT Boot camp courses again for free! You simply have to take all practice tests, attend the entire course, and complete the required homework.

Excellent Instructors-95th Percentile Minimum Requirement

All of our instructors have taken a real, Educational Testing Services-administered SAT and scored in the 95th percentile. That means they scored higher than 95% of the people who have taken the test! Because they really understand the test, they’re able to help you with just that: understanding the SAT questions by decoding the minds of the test makers.

Just like you, our instructors understand the difference between mind-numbing, tedious teachers and those educators that are fun and entertaining—you know the ones that make class much more interesting. They are committed to help you learn the strategies and ultimately have fun with the SAT!

The best course material:

The core of our course is the lessons. At the beginning of each class you receive a lesson booklet, which is yours to keep. Each lesson is generally divided into Math, Writing, or Critical Reading sections, to add a little variety to class and keep students from zoning out from studying the same subject for three hours.

In addition to our exclusive course materials, all students receive a personal copy of The Official SAT Study Guide.  This comprehensive publication is produced by the makers of the test and is yours to keep. The book gives you the opportunity to review basic SAT concepts and questions, as well as take 10 practice tests under timed conditions.

After each class we hope that you will find time to do the homework (yes, homework!). If you are serious about college, you have to be just as serious about the SAT, and a key component of a large score increase is practicing the techniques you learn in class. Each lesson’s homework includes a short section of drills, questions, and discussions that address the topics in the lesson, followed by complete answer keys with detailed explanations.

Each lesson is accompanied by a “perfect 2400” supplement that includes advanced tips and discussions for students shooting for that elusive perfect SAT score.

In Total, each student receives access to over 1,400 pages of material.

Real Practice SATs-4 Real, Proctored Exams

If you take our Full-length Course, you will know exactly what to expect on the New SAT. The practice tests and much of the homework we use are from real SATs. That way, when you take the real SAT, you will already be comfortable with the test format and structure.

There are four total practice tests administered by an EAS proctor; one on the first day of class, another mid-course, and two more at the end of the course.

The SAT Email Assistance Program-Maximum Support and Convenience

If you have a homework question that you need more help with, email an EAS expert! Our staff of senior instructors is ready to answer any SAT question from the homework, practice tests, or lessons that may be causing you difficulty. You can also use the Email Assistance Program to ask general questions regarding colleges and the admissions process. And since you never have to leave the comfort of your home to get answers to your most important questions, you have access to top-notch support with maximum convenience and safety.

$1500 Perfect Score Scholarship

Thousands of scholarships are available for academic excellence and athletic ability. But here at EAS, where standardized test preparation is both respected and encouraged, we want to reward you for your SAT success. Any student who receives a 2400 on a College Board-administered SAT after completing an EAS SAT course is eligible for a $1000 scholarship. 

An Incredible Value

The total cost of our 40 hour full-length course is $575.00 Not only is the price lower than that of our main competitors, when you compare the lecture time and course length, the cost per hour is significantly lower.

The price includes all the course materials, The Official SAT Study Guide, the Free Email Assistance Program, 95th percentile instructors, and our 200-point score increase guarantee. No other company offers you so much for such a great price.

Group discount available

For the full listing of topics that will be covered in the class, please email (info@e-academicsolutions.com) us for our Full-length SAT Course Syllabus.

Additional services and publications we offer include: 

 Course Summary Features

  • 40 total course hours-for ultimate SAT preparation
  • 200 point score increase guarantee-we know you’ll improve
  • $1500 Perfect Score Scholarship
  • Excellent instructors-95th percentile minimum requirement
  • Exclusive and fully-tested techniques and methodologies
  • Extensive course materials and homework
  • Real practice SATs-4 real, proctored exams
  • Free Email Assistance Program to help with your homework

FROM: FEB 1 to MARCH 1, 2014

DATE AND TIME: Saturdays, 11:00am - 3:00pm

                          Wednesdays 6:00pm -9:00pm

REGISTER HERE:  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/eas-full-length-40-hours-sat-preparation-course-tickets-9385934583?aff=e...


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