Jul 25, 2014

Happy National Food Day!

Take a few minutes today to increase your awareness of the NYC food system and participate in the Big Apple Crunch.

Happy National Food Day!


If you read the headline of this article and thought, "Isn't every day, 'food day'?" you probably aren't alone. But this particular day is a celebration "that aims to create awareness about healthy, affordable and sustainable foods," according to a release from New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

In July 2011, the NYC Council passed  Local Law 52, requiring the City to collect and publish data on how food is produced, processed, distributed, and consumed in an effort to better understand how the food system is operating and where it may need improvements.

A subsequent New York City Food Metrics Report was recently published and distills both the mission and impact of various city food-related programs such as FRESH, SBS job training programs, SNAP benefits for seniors, hospital-food programs, school breakfast and lunch programs, Healthy Bodegas and more.

So how can you participate in National Food Day?

Increase your awareness on the state of the food system in New York City by reading the report and taking note of local food programs in your area. 

Then, eat an apple. New York City is attempting to set the world record for "Most Participants in an Apple-Crunching Event" today. All you have to do is register and take a bite out of an apple at some point this afternoon or evening to contribute to the Big Apple Crunch.

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