Jul 26, 2014
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Intro to Thai Yoga Bodywork/Thai Massage Workshop

Intro to Thai Yoga Bodywork/Thai Massage Workshop
IT’S TIME TO TREAT YOURSELF! This workshop will guide you through some of the wonderfully relaxing, releasing and nurturing techniques of Thai Yoga Bodywork. Learn how to give a 30-minute massage sequence, gaining first-hand experience in both giving and receiving. Once you have learned the very basics of Thai Yoga, you can share this beautiful gift with your family and friends. They will certainly appreciate it! Couples and individuals welcome.  No experience necessary.

About Jenna Zabala: Building positive relationships through compassionate touch, Jenna has warmth and an energy that many people can connect with. A passion for the human body has led her through the fields of Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing, Alexander Technique and the MELT Method. The holistic approach of MELT and Restorative Yoga resonates strongly with Jenna, as every treatment encompasses the entire body, both the physical and subtle. zabalaholistics.com

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