Jul 29, 2014

SHSAT Summer Intensive Prep

SHSAT Summer Intensive Prep

New York City Specialized High Schools Admissions TestSHSAT Summer Prep (with fall refresher)

Want to send your child to a New York City Department of Education Selective Enrollment High School? Standardized test scores are the key to getting your child into one of these top schools. Among those (few) things that all New Yorkers can agree on, the excellence of the city’s Specialized High Schools surely occupies a special place of distinction. Publicly funded and administered, these nine high schools provide a world-class education that is the envy of many an independent school.

Today’s high school admissions process is more competitive than ever. Only 17% of students that apply are accepted into one of the New York City department of Education Selective Enrollment High Schools. The average GPA for all Selective Enrollment High Schools is about 3.7, but even superior grades and great 7th grade standardized test scores will not guarantee acceptance. That why we believe our unique fusions of SHSAT Prep and Chess Summer Program will help our 7th and 8th graders the skills and tools they need to master the SHSAT thus giving them a competitive advantage!


This intensive program consists of 14 well-structured test prep sessions of 3 hours each. In each session, the students study and solve typical SHSAT-style problems in verbal and math sections. They will receive valuable guidance and tips in understanding and answering scrambled paragraphs, logical reasoning, and reading and math questions. Smart answering and effective strategies are discussed and practiced during the entire course. Subject topics (such as algebra, fractions, percentages, etc.,) are reviewed and re-visited to reinforce the basics and concepts. The students are particularly trained to complete and review the test within the given time. The course also administers 8 to 10 full-length practice tests in SHSAT style to assess and improve score levels. Test-prep materials include specially-prepared exercises with illustrations and step-by-step workouts, sample questions & answers and practice tests.

During the course, the students typically practice:

  • Over 2,000 math exercises
  • Over 200 scrambled paragraphs
  • Over 100 logical reasoning exercises
  • Numerous reading passages!

This course also extends to three review sessions before the test in October 2014.Here are highlights of our unique course:

  • 40 total hours of strategic prep/chess instruction
  • 2 diagnostic tests (pre-test and post-test)
  • 8 to 10 full-length practice tests in SHSAT
  • Classes meet a total of 3 hours per week for 6 weeks
  • 1:10 ratio between test prep professionals and students
  • Homework, including comprehensive study materials including five practices designed to focus on your problem areas. Total of 7 – 8 Hours of homework
  • Specialized High School Tours (every Friday)
  • 3 Hour Wrap up Session: Test-Taking Workshop that includes mastering Time Management, Stress Management, Memory & Concentration.
  • Q/A Expert roundtable discussion with former alumni of Specialized High Schools to answers any questions student may inquire week before the test in October
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

This course provides everything to perform well in SHSAT – better understanding of subjects, better comprehension of test questions, effective answering strategies, plenty of practice, specially-prepared courseware, valuable guidance and a high degree of motivation...

Admissions into a Specialized High School is an important milestone in your child’ life. Towards a better high school, better education, better career and better life. EAS’ SHSAT Summer Prep 2014 is the essential test prep course you need to take the SHSAT challenge with confidence and to achieve your SHSAT dream.  

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