Jul 27, 2014
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Chappaqua Students Learn the Value of Recycling

Recycling Foreman speaks with Graffin, Roaring Brook students about what to do.

Chappaqua Students Learn the Value of Recycling

At the elementary school level, kids are just starting to learn how recycling works and its benefits. To guide Chappaqua students, New Castle Recycling Foreman Bart Carey has been touring schools this week.

At a Tuesday stop at , Carey got to explain the gist of saving waste. When one kid asked how to recycle, Carey described it simply as a process of using things all over again.

“We want to recycle everything that we possibly can," Carey said.

Carey also told the children that it's important to seperate by different materials, or else if too much stuff is comingled then it will wind up becoming garbage in a landfill, which he cautioned causes environmental issues.

Touching on a message of personal responsibility that teachers have been encouraging for the kids, Carey noted that the decisions they make in throwing away things can affect the recycling process.

 “It all starts with you right here," he said.

The Grafflin appearance coincided with America Recycles Day, and took questions from kids at in groups by grade level. Carey did a similar talk at Roaring Brook Elementary School on Monday.

Carey's appearance is one of several initiatives that Grafflin has been doing. According to Assistant Principal Debbie Alspach, they have also been encouraging waste-free lunches and use of recycling bins around the school.

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