Jul 28, 2014

Learning About Mammals [PHOTOS]

Westmoreland Sanctuary program offers insight into local mammals.

At the Westmoreland Sanctuary Nature Center and Wildlife Preserve in Bedford on Sunday, visitors had the chance to learn about mammals that inhabit our region.

Director Steve Ricker hosted the program and discussed the lives of bears, deer, bats, raccoons, otters, weasels, coyotes, beavers and other mammals that we see in this area, some more often than others.

The visitors looked at and touched the furs of many mammals and got up close looks at animal skulls, noting the different sizes and shapes of the teeth of several animals.

Stricker introduced the crowd to two resident mammals at the center, a ferret and a rabbit, and everyone got to pet them. The center offers programs throughout the year as well as hiking trails and a special bird viewing window.

More information can be found on their website:  westmorelandsanctuary .org

Photo Gallery

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