Jul 26, 2014

#71- Decorate A Custom Pottery Piece

Make a piece of art so good, you could eat off it.

#71- Decorate A Custom Pottery Piece #71- Decorate A Custom Pottery Piece #71- Decorate A Custom Pottery Piece #71- Decorate A Custom Pottery Piece #71- Decorate A Custom Pottery Piece

Plates, cups, and the usual cabinet accoutrements aren't always the most exciting things on Earth, and shopping for them can get boring very quickly. Luckily, Commack has two places to make your own pottery and plaster, letting you express your personality in ceramic form.

, located at 6126 Jericho Turnpike in the New York Sports Club shopping center, provides artists and the paintbrush-adverse alike the chance to customize pottery including plates, bowls, cups, ornaments and plenty of other decorative items.

After selecting your piece, Paint A Piece provides colors and utensils to decorate with. When you're done, the staff will fire the finished product and, one week later, it's ready to be taken home. The materials used are lead free, meaning your new pottery can be used for eating and drinking with no fear of bad chemicals.

For the even more do-it-yourself types, , at 6333 Jericho Turnpike (east of the Commack Fire Department headquarters) stocks a huge variety of kits for use at home or at gatherings.

Plaster Funcraft's offerings contain paints, brushes, and instructions. As the name indicates, they use plastercraft, and paints are water-based.

Interested in throwing a decorating party? Both businesses offer different types of group options for creative collaborating.

Category: Arts & Entertainment
Price: $-$$
Season: Year-round
Note: Be careful not to spill any paint.

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