21 Aug 2014
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#89 - Bend, Stretch And Twist At YogaFlex

Get stronger, toned and more flexible without lifting a single dumbbell.

#89 - Bend, Stretch And Twist At YogaFlex #89 - Bend, Stretch And Twist At YogaFlex #89 - Bend, Stretch And Twist At YogaFlex #89 - Bend, Stretch And Twist At YogaFlex

These days, there are so many ways to get fit. But for those who want to forgo the typical gym atmosphere and crank up the heat, hot yoga is the best (and newest) option for Commackians.

The tagline underneath 's name reads: "Hot Yoga With a Twist." That's a play on words—the facility offers different varieties of yoga—but it's also an up-front declaration that the activity going on inside is unlike anything you'll find in a weight room or spin class.

Several types of yoga are on the menu: Classic Hot Yoga guides participants through 26 poses in a 100-to-105-degree heated room; Barkan Hot Yoga combines traditional poses with those of other styles for a more wide-ranged workout; and Barkan Hot Vinyasa ups the ante slightly with vinyasas and new postures. YogaFlex also conducts a Classic Hot Yoga session in total silence.

Yes, the four instructors at YogaFlex—Dana, Karen, Kimberly and Pamela—are very, very flexible (just look at the photo gallery). Stereotypes aside, the women are well-versed in their craft, with backgrounds in yoga and fitness. They'll encourage you to hold that tree pose for just a second longer, but if you need to revert to child's pose for a minute, they won't think any less of you, either.

Classes run seven days a week, and a full schedule is available at the YogaFlex website. The site also has a pricing tier and they've been known to offer deals on Groupon.

There are some things yoga savants don't have, like bulging biceps or the ability to run a mile in five minutes. But there are other things they do have: extreme flexibility, healthy joints, low stress levels. If the idea of being in shape gets you pumped up, but the thought of spending hours at a gym doesn't, you should give YogaFlex a try.

Category: Exercise
Price: $-$$
Season: Year-round
Note: Don't forget to bring plenty of water and a towel.

Stay tuned for #88 next week, same time same place. And  if you missed #90.

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