Jul 29, 2014

Air National Guard from Commack Receives Combat Action Badge

Senior Airman Joseph Pico, of Commack, was honored with a Combat Action Badge

Air National Guard from Commack Receives Combat Action Badge


An Air National Guard Airman coming from Commack has been recognized for his service with a Combat Action Badge. 

Sr. Airman Joseph Pico, of Commack, was awarded the Air Force Combat Action Badge during an awards ceremony officiated by the 106 Rescue Wing Commander Col. Thomas J. Owens II. 

While serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, Pico was one of four men who actively participated in combat operations with the Office of Special Investigations Expeditionary Detachment stationed at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. Pico was directly involved in fighting that risked his life, although exact details of the situation were not released. 

"All of us, your leadership, your families are proud of you and what you have accomplished so far, you have shown us that when it counts the most, you will perform; it why you are Defenders of the Force," said Major Celestino Martinez, commander of the 106 Security Forces Squadron, in a statement. 

The Security Forces Airmen's combat actions included multiple missions while under attack. Pico and the other men helped remove weapon caches, remove multiple improvised explosive devices targeted against Coalition forces, and neutralized vehicle-based improvised explosive devices. Overall, Pico help ensure the security of Bagram Air Base, its people and more than $3 billion in war assets fighting for the United State and coalition fighting forces in Afghanistan. 

News of this local resident's award is recieved via Readmedia press release. 

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