19 Aug 2014
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Blog Roundup: Fighting Cancer With Exercise

See what some Patch bloggers are saying this week.

Blog Roundup: Fighting Cancer With Exercise
Patch bloggers take time out of their busy days to let you know about some things going on in their neck of the woods. Here, we've gathered what a few of them from around the area had to say. (If you'd like to start your own blog on Patch, click on the Blogs tab at the top of this page and then click on "Start your own Blog")

Fighting Cancer with Exercise - Strength for Life

What if you heard that exercise has a 50% reduced risk of recurrence? That exercise reduces treatment related fatigue? Reduced nausea?  Well, YES – it does all that and more.

The accepted treatments for cancer are chemo and radiation – and they are working.  What the cancer patient may not be told to do is exercise.  In 2010 the American College of Sport Medicine changed their guidelines from “bed rest is best” to “avoid inactivity”.  Since that time, there have been numerous studies on the benefits of exercise through treatment and recovery.

HHS Mini-College Fair Draws 50 Schools

A large crowd of juniors and seniors attended last week’s mini-college fair in the Huntington High School cafeteria. More than four dozen institutions turned out for the 90 minute event.

A steady stream of upperclassmen circulated around the fair, which provided the teenagers with exposure to a cross-section of colleges with the convenience of never having to leave the high school building. The fair was held during two morning periods.

Vegetarian Month: Go Nuts

Halloween is a good day to remember a favorite treat that’s good for you: nuts.

Strictly speaking, nuts grow on trees, contain no more than two seeds in each shell, move freely within the shell, and do not open on their own. Some food that we call “nuts” are really  legumes. The most popular example is peanuts.

Legislator D'Amaro Details "Green Energy" Tax Exemptions

In response to rising energy costs and the impact of fossil fuels on the environment, the Suffolk County Legislature recently passed two measures to encourage energy efficient construction. Under the first program, a limited property tax exemption is granted for residential and commercial building improvements meeting stringent “Green Building” standards. The second initiative waives the County’s sales tax for the purchase of solar energy systems.

Two Toddlers & a Family Portrait

When Theresa asked me to write this blog post, I had no idea what I would say. I have to admit – most of the time when she asks me to write a blog post I totally avoid it and ignore it until she hopefully forgets. Sometimes she does… sometimes she doesn’t. We recently scheduled a family photo session over at the Northport Marina. When she asked me to write about the experience, I had no idea what I would say. Until, that is, I began to edit the photos from that day.

Angry Smithtown Parent

Common Core Standards are corporate-driven. This is about profits, not human beings. The Common Core is  untested. It is literally going to create a hatred of school beginning with our youngest learners. It is not developmentally appropriate, particularly at the early elementary level. It places way too much emphasis on standardized tests that do not challenge students' critical thinking skills nor their creativity.

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