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Nail Salons: The Good, The Bad and The Expensive

Find out which places give you the most bang for your buck, which are splurge worthy, and which you should probably avoid.

Nail Salons: The Good, The Bad and The Expensive Nail Salons: The Good, The Bad and The Expensive

Every girl I know that gets her nails done on a regular basis is always in search of that perfect, diamond-in-the-rough nail salon where the polish lasts in full luster for more than a week and you don't have to go completely broke to get it done.  If you have yet to find a favorite nail salon in Commack then read on…and take care not to chip your manicure.

The following are in no particular order…except that the first two happen to be favorites. 

1. :  This is by far my favorite nail salon in the Commack area.  Where else can you get a decent manicure and pedicure these days for $20? (Actually, I believe a mani and pedi comes out to $21, but don't hold me to it.)  They always have the latest Essie colors in stock, and offer a range of more obscure colors for us crazy folk out there.  As of late they also have a selection of cute bracelets, rings, and necklaces that you can purchase for relatively cheap ($15 range) while your feet are being massaged.  Plus, you can pop right over to Mario’s next door and pick up a slice or a salad when you’re done. It's what dreams of leisurely Saturday afternoons are made of.

2. :  This spa chain is slightly more expensive than SayMe Nails, but if you feel like indulging yourself, it is certainly the place to go.  Floris has substantially better decor than my top favorite; it just exudes fanciness with its long open interior, slick floors, and relaxing mood music.  My only gripe about this place is that they do not have the fabulous nail polish color selection that SayMe offers.  But if you are not usually into the neon colors, you may not find this to be an issue at all.

3. : I used to go here all the time back in , but now, not so much.  There have just been too many instances where I've seen $90 manicures go down the drain in less than one week and some very irritated women literally bleeding after a routine eyebrow waxing.  They also charge a whole dollar extra for a single coat of polish that supposedly helps keep the nail polish on longer…let's just say that it still only lasts a week without at least chipping. Yet, despite all this I have heard of several happy, long-term customers that swear by this place so I suppose I can't totally discount it yet.

4. in Mayfair Shopping Center:  Is this place just ridiculously expensive or what?  It just does not seem very budget-friendly, especially to a new college graduate digging themselves out of the immense mountain of debt that is student loans. Maybe I’m the crazy one for not wanting to spend twenty bucks on a manicure alone (the pedicures run $30 plus). But if you can afford Cactus' haircut and color prices, chances are you may be able to splurge on a great manicure and pedicure every so often.

Now that you know the best nail salons in the area, go pamper yourself and enjoy. And, as always, let us know what you think.

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