Jul 26, 2014

Suffolk Y JCC Participates in Long Island's All Kids Fair

Suffolk Y's Zumbatonic was featured in the first ever family festival.

Suffolk Y JCC Participates in Long Island's All Kids Fair

The second floor of the Melville Marriot was bustling Sunday afternoon, as families came to enjoy the inaugural Long Island . 

This kid-centric event hosted vendors, exhibitors, authors and speakers from businesses across Long Island, including Commack's , which offered a Zumbatonic, or kids’ Zumba class, which is given regularly at the Hauppauge Road location.          

Authors reading original works were MaryEllen McDonald (Wigglys and Skypie Visit the Pollution Planet) and Artie Bennett (The Butt Book).  The former tells the story of Martians who help Earthlings go green, and the latter, well, humorously addresses the backside.            

Well-being was a major theme of the event, and children’s yoga was particularly popular. Trial classes were given by Wee Warriors Playtime Yoga and Club Mom.  Both use yoga’s animated poses to foster strength, flexibility, coordination and focus.

Older children and their parents spent time visiting tables set up by Bowl 300 Long Island, Dave and Busters and Ben and Jerry’s for fun. On a more serious note, exhibitors such as Your College Navigator and Lockwood College Funding were available to head teens and their parents down the road to higher education.  Andy Lockwood conducted a lecture, and  will be giving additional workshops locally this month.               

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