Jul 30, 2014

Caption This: Squirrels Discover a Tight Squeeze

Two baby squirrels squeeze into a birdhouse in the backyard of a Deer Park home.

Caption This: Squirrels Discover a Tight Squeeze

Local photographer Thomas Gillen was visiting his grandmother in Deer Park when he came across two baby squirrels nesting in one of her bird houses.

Clearly these furballs are not camera shy...or maybe they're just stuck.

What do you think these squirrels are up to? Tell us by making up your own caption in the comments section below.

Here are some of our ideas:

"I told you we could both fit."

"I think our relationship just got too close."

"It's time we switch to low-fat nuts."

To see more of this local photographer's work, visit  www.facebook.com/thomasgillenphotography.

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